Our roots

From a common idea of Ulrich Wendeln and Ulrich Meyer, using sunflower seed hulls as filling and reinforcing material in plastics, a solid business idea was soon born. Together with Peter Wendeln as investor, they finally founded the SPC Sunflower Plastic Compound GmbH.

Peter Wendeln (among other functions executive partner Wen.Co. Invest. GmbH) brings a lot of valuable experiences from the Wendeln-Group (Golden Toast and Lieken Urkorn) as well as a former executive partner of WBack and is today primarily involved as an investor inpromising startups who deal with sustainability issues. Ullrich Wendeln also comes from the Wendeln Group and brings wide-ranging experiences from sunflower seed and oil production. Ullrich Meyer learnt his trade in the FM Group (FM Büromöbel GmbH und FM Kunststofftechnik GmbH) and is also executive partner there.

The Golden Compound GmbH was founded in 2014 and has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPC Sunflower Plastic Compound GmbH since the beginning of 2016. Since its foundation, we have been intensively engaged in the development of materials with sunflower seed hulls. In October 2014 we started the annual production of 3,000 tons S²PC (Sustainable Sunflower Plastic Compound) and the marketing of our compounds in a newly built plant in Ladbergen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Currently our portfolio includes different materials: GOLDEN COMPOUND pro (durable) and GOLDEN COMPOUND green (home compostable) and are continuously expanding our production capacities.

Our mission

Around 12 million tons of plastic material are processed every year only in Germany -more than in any other country in Europe. However, fossil resources are limited. For this reason we intend to avoid the use of mineral oil-based plastics wherever possible.

We use up to 70 % sunflower seed hulls as filling and reinforcing material for our compounds. These are obtained as a by-product of the food industry. Thus we are relying on an existing, quality-controlled supply chain and are not in competition with food production with the sunflower seed hulls.

Each year around 30 million tons of sunflower seeds are produced worldwide. The hull share is about 20 %, that means 6 million tons. The most important producing countries are Europe, Russia, Argentina and China. We obtain our raw materials mainly from EU countries.

Wherever it is possible, we want to avoid the use of plastic. With our environmentally friendly materials with sunflower seed hulls, we are breaking completely new ground. We see ourselves as an initiative, as a network, as a movement, in which anyone may participate who wishes to be sustainably successful. Our aim it to achieve the best possible balance between economy and ecology. Together for a better future.

Want to participate?

We consider ourselves as a network, as a movement, in which anyone may participate who wishes to be sustainably successful

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