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GOLDEN COMPOUND pro and GOLDEN COMPOUND green characterize the ready-to-use solutions based on the fibers of sunflower seed hulls, that have been developed for many applications and markets. In addition, all materials for injection moulding, which require good processability, density and impact resistance, have been optimized. Figures 1 and 2 show the different properties.

The market is always searching for newer, better and more environmentally friendly materials that are able to replace conventional plastics. These should offer at least equivalent material properties in the application.Furthermore, new developments have to comply with further requirements, such as weight reduction of components, easier processability and overall cost reduction. And of course,the products are supposed to result in sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Fibers of sunflower seed shells

GOLDEN COMPOUND has developed a series of innovative solutions by filling plastics with sunflower fibers. Our materials can be used in various compositions to replace PP, PP with mineral fillers, glass fiber reinforced PP, PS and aluminium with regard to the material properties and application requirements.

General usage

Our standard material GOLDEN COMPOUND pro with 35 % by weight of fibers has comparable properties to PP with 20 % by weight of mineral fibers.

Chart: Overview of different GOLDEN COMPOUND variations

Overview of different GOLDEN COMPOUND pro variations

 NormEinheitHDPE 4341 DOM H42745 BO 10 LP 413560 TH 060 N3545 BO5045 BO3056 BOGF20 10LP413545 BO GF207056 BO5545 BOP 10LP415545 BOP 20LP41
DichteISO 1183g/cm³1,021,021,021,021,041,171,21,060,97 - 1,020,97 - 1,02
(190 °C/5 kg)
E-ModulISO 527MPa71016002400240029004000450037001450 - 18501350 - 1700
ZugfestigkeitISO 527MPa19,72128262636662321,4 - 24,420,6 - 24,2
BruchdehnungISO 528%26,313,14,84,73,53,24,82,27,5 - 10,08,8 - 11,0
BiegemodulISO 178MPa2200230027004000
BiegefestigkeitISO 179MPa45434639
Dehnung bei BiegespannungISO 180%6,25,33,71,5
Charpy Schlagzähigkeit, 23 °CISO 179/1eUkJ/m²NB27,611,514,512,323,338,65,519,3 – 28,822,4 - 33,7
Charpy Kerbschlagzähigkeit, 23°CISO 179/1eAkJ/m1313,94,32,22,32,46,910,31,83,94 - 4,714,6 - 6,1
Charpy Schlagzähigkeit, 20 °CISO 179/1eAkJ/m1322,8
Vicat Erweichungstemperatur BISO 306°C74
HDT / AISO 75-1
(1,8 MPa)
HDT / BISO 75-1
(0,45 MPa)
Schwindung – parallelISO 294-4%11
Schwindung – senkrechtISO 294-4%11

Chart: Overview of different GOLDEN COMPOUND pro variations

Overview of different GOLDEN COMPOUND green variations

 NormEinheit2082 MIF3071 MI T63082 MIF T133092 MIF3092 MIF T134071 MI
DichteISO 1183g/cm³1,31,31,31,31,31,3
(190 °C/5 kg)
E-ModulISO 527MPa160018001800100014001500
ZugfestigkeitISO 527MPa172420181621
BruchdehnungISO 528%4,243,53,532,9
Charpy Schlagzähigkeit, 23 °CISO 179/1eUkJ/m²1415,0116,62515,215
Charpy Kerbschlagzähigkeit, 23°CISO 179/1eAkJ/m13133,23,24,24,63
HDT / AISO 75-1
(1,8 MPa)
HDT / BISO 75-1
(0,45 MPa)
SauerstoffdurchlässigkeitISO 15105-2cm³/m²*d*bar60
WasserdampfdurchlässigkeitISO 15106-3g/m²*d33
OTRISO 15105-2
@ 250 µM

Chart: Overview of different GOLDEN COMPOUND green variations

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