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HOMEcap now also in colour

08/2020: The SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap has now officially expanded its appearance: for the first home-compostable coffee capsule with sunflower shells, the certificates “OK compost HOME” and “OK compost INDUSTRIAL” are now available not only for the previous natural colour, but also for 10 other colours. All coloured capsules are similar to natural in all technical aspects. All data is identical. The wide range of colours offers the advantage that coffee producers and coffee connoisseurs can optically distinguish the different types of coffee and starch grades at first glance.

HOMEcap: double certified – for every case

07/2020: In addition to the already existing “OK compost HOME” certification, which is very rarely awarded to industry products, the SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap has now also been awarded “OK compost INDUSTRIAL” by TÜV Austria. This means that no matter how you dispose of the SUNCIRCLE HOMEcap, you always do it in a way that is as resource-saving, sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.


And the winner in biocomposites is…….HOMEcap!

Golden Compound’s home compostable coffee capsule achieved the 1st prize at the „Biocomposite of the Year 2019“ innovation award


Ladbergen / GER: Already for the seventh time in a row, the “Biocomposite of the Year” innovation award has been bestowed to materials representing a proven alternative to plastic. The award ceremony, organized by nova-Institute took place at the “8th Biocomposites Conference Cologne” on November 14th. Among the six new materials nominated for the innovation award there were selected premium applications for various branches (i.e. automotive, packaging, consumer goods) in form of Natural Fibre Composites (NFC) and Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC).

This time the HOMEcap developed by Golden Compound Ltd. (GER) achieved the 1st place among the top six candidates. This innovation is the world’s first and only home compostable coffee capsule certified with “OK Compost HOME”. HOMEcap, sucessfully launched on the market at the beginning of 2019, is made from a unique compound comprising sunflower seed shells, PTTMCC Biochems, bio-based polymers PBS and PBSA as well as inorganic fillers. As to industrial composting Golden Compound’s HOMEcap outperformed currently available PLA-capsules in a recent field test under real conditions.

Considerable environmental benefits

Additional benefit for the environment: Unlike other coffee capsules using Aluminium sealing foils, the HOMEcap offers a special and sustainable technology: A paper and cellulose based lid, sealable to the capsule without additional glue and therefore home compostable as well. “This sealing technology with it’s aroma-proof barrier delivers a top coffee taste and moreover it enables the whole capsule as well as the coffee dregs to be completely exploited in the home compostable process. Capsule, sealing barrier and coffee dregs step by step turn into fertilizer and potting soil avoiding considerable waste streams and polluting transport activites,” as Reinhard Trumme, Member of Golden Compound’s Managing Board, says.

The recent award as “Biocomposite of the Year 2019” continues the successful series: Already in May 2019 Golden Compound’s HOMEcap – as the only capsule for home use – obtained the NOVA Innovation Award 2019 as „bio-based material of the year“. A few weeks ago it was honoured as „Recommended Product“  by PSI Sustainability Award 2019.


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OFV – Camp 2019 in Hooksiel with Golden Compound

From 06.07. to 13.07.2019 the OFV-camp took place at the coast of Hooksiel. 68 youth fire brigades from the districts Vechta, Oldenburg, Cloppenburg, Ammerland, Friesland and Wesermarsch participated. Since this camp is only held every three years, it is a real highlight for the young people of the junior fire brigades. Beside the fire-brigade-technical and sport-oriented competitions the fun stands for all participants naturally in the first place. In times of “Fridays for Future” it was an important concern for all the girls and boys of the JF Dinklage to reduce the amount of garbage that inevitably accumulates in a camp of this size. Without further ado, the plastic cups that were given out at mealtimes were replaced by the compostable returnable cups from Golden Compound, which we gladly made available to the Dinklagern.

We think it is a great that the youth fire brigade Dinklage is setting a good environmentally conscious example. Perhaps there are already some weirs in the next camp that follow the Dinklagern.


„HOMEcap“ wins third price at “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019”

Cologne, May 2019 – At this year´s “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019” award our certified OK Compost home coffee capsule achieved a very good third place.

The innovation award, organized by the nova-Institute, was awarded for the 12th time.

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